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Optimism Media Group is a lifestyle content creator emphasizing authenticity and experience. The digital landscape continually evolves, and at OMG we're able to rely on our agility and efficiency to evolve along with it. Our clients depend on us to help develop and deliver editorial and branded material on scales large and small. We are able to accomplish this reliably utilizing our close and long-standing relationships with production professionals across the U.S., and beyond. 

Since 2010, OMG has been a trusted partner of the GOLF Magazine Group. This collaboration has produced more than 1,500 video features running across web, mobile, print, app and DVD platforms. We have worked alongside some of the world’s most influential industry professionals and advertising stakeholders. OMG travels far and wide to cover some of the coolest people on the planet doing what they love.


The mission at Optimism Media Group is to continue to strengthen and expand these vital partner relationships. Founder John Ledesma and the crew at OMG strive every day to fulfill this mission with clarity and consistency.

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